“By understanding what contentment is, one will realize that most of our struggles stem from internal discontent.”

Article written by Chris @individualogist

Having a chaotic state of being is often characterized by episodes wherein we seem never to get anything understood about ourselves. As such, we feel that inner sense of discord, as things never really fall the way we want them to be. To illustrate this feeling, your coffee press suddenly breaks for some random reason whilst having your monthly period. Add to that, you’re dealing with relationship problems at home, and your partner never seems to care about it!

The above example outlines what most of us would label a “bad day”. Given this term, everything seems to be in chaos for reasons we appear to have no control of. And because of this, we are quick to pull the trigger on wrong deeds and actions that match such negative energy.

But in reality, if we analyze the events across our day, we’ll realize that not all of them are good. On some days, some of it may be heavily swayed to either pole, but on regular ones its often a combination of both.

With that, why does it seem that some people are suffering more than the normal scale? Why are others openly pessimistic and cynical in their views of the world on a daily basis? Why is it that some are easily distracted when the slightest of mistakes happen to them?

Simple – they lack a peaceful state of being.

When one lacks this tranquility, a flurry of wrong decisions can easily ensue. As they are already in a negative mindset, they can effortlessly attract more negativity as well. As a result, they will approach the world in a way where everything seems to be needlessly in chaos. 

As such, the obvious point here is that even when external things are not really corresponding to the things that we want to happen, the key lies in not letting them affect us. But how, you might ask?

By attaining a stronger sense of inner peace, you will be able to breeze through those bad days as if they were regular ones. Furthermore, neutral days will also be leaning towards good ones since the way you approach them is now filled with positive energy.

Given such, here are five simple ways where one can attain such inner peace:

  1. Disconnect from all forms of negativity

The first step to inner peace entails the disconnection towards all forms of negativity. By cutting out the sources of negative energy in your life, it will be quicker for you to prepare for something good.

With that, the key is in re-examining your life choices. Whether it’s the time-consuming and pointless hobby that you’re doing or your long-time friend who seemingly never stops talking about the mistakes of others, these factors influence your unconscious mind. Cutting them off allows your subconsciousness to breathe, leading to a more relaxed conscious state.

  1. Cultivate a positive mindset

After you’ve finished decluttering, the next step is reformatting. By making your mind a positive vessel, you will allow sprouts of positivity to grow from within. Meaning, your outlook will be changed from the core.

More often than not, people can underestimate the value of this because they think a positive mindset is due to external positive happenings. They then associate their happiness with this it. In comparison, a person who embodies inner peace knows that happiness stems from within, not from outside factors.

  1. Learn how to hope but not expect

As the popular adage goes, “hope but do not expect.” True enough, people who often expect things to happen the way they want them to, end up being hurt. Why? Because, there can be a million differing factors that can influence the activity or goal that you want to achieve. Experiencing occasions where we don’t meet such expectations should be considered normal. In fact, these moments are essential to our personal growth!

With that, the way to go is by ‘hoping without expecting’. After all, pain can be self-inflicted in this context of one’s life.

  1. Understand that you have to Surrender

Strongly connected to the previous point, surrendering at times even when you lack understanding tells us that you can handle negativity properly. When you know that you are not fully in-control of all the things happening in your life, you’ll realize that you are placing an unnecessary burden thinking otherwise.

By surrendering, you are essentially letting go and freeing yourself from this stress, as you are led closer to the state of inner peace. Just look at people who don’t hold grudges against others, and you’ll know in a heartbeat that their lives are far better than most!

  1. Learn to attain contentment

Lastly, all these points lead us to the ultimate condition for bringing peace in one’s being. By learning how to attain contentment, we are essentially moving in a direction where we don’t need to constantly satisfy ourselves with worldly thoughts, possessions and ideas.

By understanding what contentment is, one will realize that most of our struggles stem from internal discontent.

And, as we continue to master the art of being contented, inner peace becomes a reality.

With these five tips, it is crucial to remember that a peaceful state of being is often an internal issue. By addressing the fundamentals of how we view ourselves in relation to the world, we’re able to realize that the answer to our problems are found from within.

As you move forward towards inner peace, mastering these five steps will only scale deeper. The key is in remembering that even in more complex issues about your life, the same set of principles applies.

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