“I know you’d be here today, if heaven wasn’t so far away”

One thing I made sure of when my mum lay dying in her hospital bed, was to tell her absolutely everything I wanted her to know. I reassured her that she had taught me well and that I’d be okay. “Please don’t worry as we will always be together.”

All I truly wanted her to know was that I loved her so very deeply and would always honour the gift of life she’d given me.

I made sure that every time I left her side, that I’d look into her eyes whilst placing one hand to my heart and the other to hers, saying..

“No matter where you are, no matter where I am, you will always be right here..in my heart.”

There were certainly many tears and to this day there are occasions where there are still many tears.

At first mum would hold my hand to her heart and smile until eventually (as she began to slip further away), all she could do was nod her head in acknowledgment.

In my blog today I want to simply honour all mums. I want to remind my friends and anyone reading this, that we don’t have forever. Time is so very precious and every day you have with your mother is a blessing.  Take the time to call her, to spoil her, to do all that you can for her. I know she may nag you at times and always seems to know what’s best for you, even if you’re not willing to admit it at the time, you know she’s right.. Give her that, she’s entitled to it!


For me, I hold onto the precious memories we shared and have faith that she is still with me, guiding me along the way. There are certainly days I wish I could simply call her, simply hug her and tell her I love her.. But, I can’t. Instead, I often tell all my friend’s mothers that I love them… They certainly don’t mind!

If you’re currently reading this and your mum’s still gracing this earth, please take the time to her a call.

Photo (right): Mum & Dad after the birth of my twin brother Michael and I.

Poem – A Mother’s Love 

“There are times only when a Mother’s love can understand our tears, can soothe our disappointments and calm all our fears..

There are times when only a Mother’s Love, can share the joy we feel When something we’ve dreamed about quite suddenly is real..

There are times when only a Mother’s Faith, can help on life’s way and inspire in us the confidence we need from day to day..

For a Mother’s heart and a Mother’s faith and a Mother’s steadfast love Were fashioned by the Angels and sent from Heaven above…”

by Michael O. Adesanya

RIP Mum xx .. Always in my heart..

Santarita Therese Kollosche

(21/06/1940 – 25/11/2008)