“Be Here Now.. is all about being present and not fearing what you don’t know…”

― Andy Whitfield



My heart was ripped from my chest as I watched the documentary ‘Be Here Now – The Andy Whitfield Story’.. The deep pain it stirred within me as I recalled my parents fight and ultimate demise against cancer is indescribable.

Those moments..re-lived.. the pain re-ignited..  The desire to ‘be here now’ re-inspired..

I cried for him, for his wife and his beautiful young children.. I cried for my parents and what they endured.. I also cried for myself.. releasing some of the deep seated pain I’ve managed to bury over the years.

Does that make me weak? Of course not..

It makes me human..

It makes me real..

It makes me passionate…

And overall, it makes me unashamed of every aspect of the woman I’ve become..

It ultimately makes me a stronger, more compassionate and loving person..

Andy literally had it all..  yet, in one moment the results of an x-ray taken by a “Sports Doctor” revealed black patches throughout his chest… Suddenly, “the all” that Andy had became worthless and he was forced to face his own mortality.

Andy’s fight to overcome Stage 4 Non-Hodgkinson’s Lymphoma is a stark reminder of how short life truly is and how crucial it is to “Be Here Now”..

Although I consider myself a person who always endeavours to make the most of what I have regardless of my circumstances, Andy’s story was the swift and abrupt slap across the face I needed..

It immediately put everything into perspective..

Andy’s heart wrenching story is a timely reminder that I must never allow myself to get caught up in the small stuff, the bullshit, the lies, the judgments and the pretentious world we often live in.

Andy’s story is a reminder that  ..Everything is Temporary..

Good Days come and go… People come and go..

Love, it comes and it goes..

Hurt, Pain.. its all the same.. Temporary.

Not one of us is guaranteed a  tomorrow and Andy’s story is a confronting reminder of this.

Do yourself a favour and watch Andy’s story and “Be Here Now”