“Wherever you are – be ALL there”

―  Rise & Shine

At the end of my yoga practice I’ve been incorporating a 10 minute Flame Meditation which is not only very centering, but also provides incredible healing for my soul.

With soft “yoga” or “meditative” music playing in the background, light a medium sized candle and safely place it approximately 30cm in front of you.  Sit in a meditative position, with your legs crossed and hands resting on each knee, palms facing up & open, ready to receive.

“Breath is the bridge which connects life to consciousness, which unties your body to your thoughts” – Thich Nhat Hanh

Take a moment to centre yourself, breathing in through the nose and exhale slowly out through the nose.   As you begin to focus your eyes down towards the flame, make a conscious effort to release any tension or stress you may be carrying.  It’s important to keep your eyes  focused on the flame whilst maintaining a steady breath.. again, in through the nose and ‘slowly’ out through the nose.

Continue to focus on your breathing whilst allowing your eyes to gaze into the flame.  You may find your eyes wanting to blink at times, try to avoid this as much as possible to maintain the focus.

As you go deeper into your breathing, try to clear any thoughts that may come to mind, letting go of any hurt or upheaval that may be weighing upon you. Remember, wherever you are, be all there for life is about creating equal balance within the mind, body and soul.

Allow yourself to receive and let go of any judgement.

Balance creates ease, flow, connection, mindfulness, awareness, harmony, presence, peace and also strengthens your intuition.

Intuition is your guiding light.. It is a source you must learn to trust.

Being unbalanced creates dis-ease, dis-connection, dis-harmony, dis-order, dis-function, dis-tress and can ultimately lead to one’s de-struction.

During the flame meditation as your eyes soften to the flame, you will see the light expand and move towards you.

The flame and its surrounding light will begin to strengthen, forming what appears to be (you may see something different) the formation of an Angel.

The top of the flame may separate at times forming, what I perceive to be ‘the wings of an angel’.

Continue to breathe in and out slowly whilst connecting deeper to source or divine energy, moving further away from your ego and into the realms of your soul.

Allow yourself to receive and let go of any judgement.


When I practice the flame meditation I have an  overwhelming sensation of eternal, divine love radiating within.  It is all I can feel and nothing else in my life is relevant in that moment.

I am centred, nurtured and feel a comforting sensation of inner peace.

There are times when my eyes begin to fill with tears and I want to simply sit and weep (it is certainly okay to do this)..   In many ways, for me, they are “tears of joy and healing” as I sense a deeper connection to my deceased parents during this experience.

For you, the experience may be very different.

Meditation may simply be a means of dissolving the invisible walls that unawareness has built over time bringing you back into the present moment, allowing you to receive love, clarity and peace into your life.

Meditation may also allow you to step away from the chaos, away from the stress, away from the dis-order that is often created when life becomes busy and out of balance.

The flame meditation can be performed whenever you need to quieten the mind and centre the soul.

Wherever you are, be all there for life only exists in the present moment


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