“The Mystical Black Panther is a very ancient and powerful spirit guide. Their power is lunar (moon) and includes astral travel, guardian energy, symbol of the feminine, death and rebirth and reclaiming one’s power.”

During my Second Level Reiki attunement I discovered that my Reiki Empowerment symbol was the Mystical Black Panther.  How did I discover this you might ask!  Well, it was all a bit of a surprise to me at the time but, basically I had completed my second level attunement and was lying on a massage table receiving Reiki from another member of the group.   I was very relaxed, open and in a meditative state.  I had no reason to expect or anticipate anything at this time.

In fact, I was simply grateful to be lying down more than anything else.

During the 30 minute session my therapist slowly worked from the top of my Crown Chakra all the way down to my lower extremities.  Whilst receiving, I remember thoughts coming and going as I fell deeper and deeper into my meditative, relaxed state.  Suddenly however; I remember seeing a regal and somewhat wise looking black cat with the most beautiful illuminated blues eyes lying across my chest and instinctively thought ‘Oh wow, a black cat..isn’t that meant to be bad luck!?’  Before I could comprehend what I was seeing, the cat simply looked across and stared straight at me, without blinking or moving as if to say, “Yes, that’s right.. I’m here and I’m not going anywhere so deal just deal with it!”

And my response in that moment was, “Okay, whatever!”  It was as direct and quick as that.   I didn’t think too much about it but shared the experience with the rest of the group after my session was over.  Tanya, my therapist,  also saw a Toucan bird above my right shoulder whilst treating me and you can read a little more about the Spiritual meaning of this fascinating creature here

“Yes, I know – this is all very new and somewhat weird (but also not so weird) and wonderful to me also!”

Later that evening I decided to google the Reiki Empowerment Symbols so I could download them onto my iphone for easy access.  During my search I came across an image of a Mystical Black Cat.. not just any cat… My Mystical Black Cat..  My Lunar!

So, I followed the link and discovered why this powerful spiritual animal appeared to me during my attunement as described below:

“My Lunar – Reiki Empowerment Symbol – The Mystical Black Panther”

The Mystical Black Panther is symbolic of the feminine, power and protection. She is Mother, power of the night and dark of the moon. She gives understanding and rids fears.

The Mystical Black Panther is associated with the Reiki Empowerment symbol and is designed to encourage people to understand the healing powers available to them,to acknowledge them and to rid them of fears of the shadow and darkness. It has a great mysticism energy with deep understandings of spiritual things, psychic and artistic.

This energy releases the old passions that are no longer serving our goodness and brings a new period and new beginning of life. A period in which we are discovering our desires, and living our dreams.

The Mystical Black Panther promotes our intuitive ability to know the dark, cunning, perseverance, oldness, beauty, swiftness and gaining confidence.

It awakens our heroic quest. It’s believed to give great power, magic and mastery over all dimensions. It is the link to all that lives and all of life’s manifestations.

It seems to see right through the body. Thus the Mystical Black Panther also utilises the mystical power of eyes as a healing tool and has the potential to heal on a cellular level.

Panthers are generally loners, extremely comfortable with themselves and are often drawn to other solitary people.

Women with Panther, Leopard or Jaguar power animals frequently find themselves raising their children alone, whether it be through divorce or circumstance. People with this power animal can develop clairaudience, the ability to hear communications from other forms of life or dimensions.

They must trust their thoughts and inner voice/visions as they are based in reality. This is an animal guide to assist you on your path, sometimes in the form of a real person such a mentor or teacher. The Black Panther is endowed with great magic and power, which will increasingly be experienced.

Panthers have over 400 voluntary muscles that can be used at will when required. Panthers are able to move gracefully in and out of situations, as well as freeze and not be noticed. This is a symbol of the ability to shape-shift realities, using all parts of the body to perform a task. The gift of Panther is the power of silence. They are near silent when hunting or stalking prey, and know when to make themselves seen and when to become unseen.

Panther holds the secrets of worlds that are unseen and are associated with lunar energies. Within the darkness of night resides the truth of creation. Black panthers have great mysticism associated with them. They represent the life and power of the night. They can show us how to welcome the darkness and rouse the light within it.

Those with this power animal contain knowledge of a galactic origin, and have a responsibility to look after and respect this knowledge. Caution must be used when sharing it with others. When the student is ready the teacher appears, and vice versa. If the student isn’t ripe the information given could trigger negative consequences.

Panthers possess acute sensitivity. The hairs that cover their lithe bodies, especially on the face, pick up subtle vibrations. This is symbolic for those with this guide. It is an indication of a need to pay attention to their feelings and honour the messages those feelings transmit.

Touch can be a significant path to explore to awaken ones concealed gifts. The black panthers sleek, smooth and sensual coat has been linked to sexuality. If panther comes into your life it may be asking you to resolve old sexual issues, or to embrace your sexuality fully.

When experiencing the presence of panther, one of their most striking features is their unblinking stare. It seems to see right through the body. Those with panther medicine can use their eyes as a healing tool and have the potential to heal on a cellular level.

The Black Mystical Panther is a powerful guide to have, always bringing a guardian energy to those to whom it comes.

“So, for me.. learning that my Spirit Animal and Reiki Empowerment Symbol is the Mystical Black Panther (My Lunar) was a very powerful and meaningful experience that will remain with me always..”  

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