“In order to truly blossom, you must first cut the weeds that inhibit your growth”

“I’m walking  away from the troubles in my life.. I’m walking away to find a better day”… 

As I began to pen this particular ‘thought piece’ I pressed play on my Iphone playlist and the song “Walking Away” by Craig David started playing.. It’s a little ironic as the theme of this blog is about “cutting ties” with the past in order to truly move forward and welcome a brighter future.

So, here goes… Its Christmas 2015 and I’m currently en-route to Sydney where I”ll be joining my family for some fun & frivolity over the festive season.

At this time of the year I always tend to reflect on ‘what was’ as I welcome all the possibilities of ‘what will be’ in the year ahead.

Personally, it was a very tough year for me, one of my most challenging.  However; we all endure tough years from time to time and unfortunately (or fortunately) not one single person on earth immune to them.

Difficulties and challenges enter into our lives through many different avenues.  Whether it be a tragic accident, illness, death of a loved one, lost employment or relationship upheavals, the variations are endless!

In this lifetime we’ll all be presented with many difficulties and experiences that challenge us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, but it’s ultimately how we push through them that truly matters the most.

Some difficulties will literally drop us to our knees and force us to face a darkness we never thought existed.. Thankfully, the darkness has little choice but to eventually let the light in..

And, it is this light that holds the key to overcoming all of life’s difficulties!

“Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness, will we discover the infinite power of our light”

-Brene Brown (author)

It is not a coincidence that I am often quoted as saying “Rise & Shine” or “Shine Your Light” for every morning I ‘rise’ and make it a priority and  commitment to ‘shine’.. Whether it be in the form of a run, walk or gym session, I always ensure my day starts on a high ani-didnt-change-ii-just-woke-upd 9 times out of 10 I also manage to snap the most amazing sunrise for my instagram feed.  Sharing is caring and also somewhat  inspiring.

These moments instantly fill my ‘love’ and ‘gratitude’ tanks and I’m genuinely a better person for it!  It’s also an expression of who
I am.

However; during my darkest hours I struggled with a heaviness that suffocated my light.  I’m an Empath and feel intensely so when someone “imprints” their soul onto mine, it is very difficult for me to let go, especially when I haven’t protected myself on an energetic or psychic level.

This was a harsh lesson I certainly had to endure only twelve short months ago, yet I can still see both the positives and negatives of this powerful experience.

Recognising when it’s time to ‘walk away’ and let go is so crucial for your entire being’s overall growth and development.

I can’t stress that enough and also acknowledge that it is never an easy decision to make or even identify at times.

We all know that the seeds of a flower can never truly grow and blossom into the great beauty they are destined to be if they’re wrapped in weeds, un-watered, un-nourished and neglected.

And, we are no different!

To truly move forward and welcome new experiences, one must cut away (hack if you will) the weeds that tie them to their painful past and unearth the seeds that were always destined to flourish and blossom into a much brighter future.

If you’re feeling anxious, angry, sad or on the verge of a break down, its time to take action and let go of anything or anyone that doesn’t align with your soul’s deepest calling.  As difficult as it may be, it is the only way to welcome the new beginnings and experiences that await you.

If that’s not enough to completely convince you, please write down the following quote and pin it somewhere you’ll see it daily!

“What a magical thought it is to know that some of the best moments of our lives haven’t even happened yet!”