“Give me one word to describe your body?”

This morning I watched a short video about women, self-loathing, body shaming and having a general dissatisfaction with their physical appearance (watch here) which prompted this thought piece.

The following question was asked of 100 women…

“Give me one word to describe your body?”

I watched on as women from a variety of different ethnicity groups described their bodies.  Words such as “disgusting”, “stumpy”, “chubby”, “gross”, “fat” and other comments including; “I could lose some weight” or “I’m not happy with it right now” and “I’m ashamed of it” were expressed.

When that question was first posed & before the video continued with the large array of negative responses, I asked myself how can I describe my body in one word..?

Immediately my response was “Fit”..  “Strong” and “Capable”..

I was feeling fantastic and had every reason to!  My response came 2 hours after a hard workout at my local gym which included a number of weighted squats, lunges, abdominal crunches and other challenging exercises, so I knew my body was fit, strong and indeed capable.

I own that feeling.. I work at it and I’m proud of it.

We own what we do..and it becomes our reality..whether we like it or loathe it.

Fitness Image

The thought that my body is good, bad, fat, ugly or needs improving didn’t even cross my mind as my reality is completely attuned to what my body CAN do and nothing short of that.

Without that alignment, it’s possible I’d be similar to the majority of women stuck in the body shaming zone & more focused on what my body can’t do, rather than all the amazing things it can.

I most certainly don’t wish to take anything away from these women as it is their current reality.. It is their truth and most likely based on the recent experiences that have occurred in their lives.

I support and stand by the notion that “we are what we repeatedly do” and if we remain stuck in a rut, unable to make choices to better ourselves, we only feed the self-loathing cycle.

Body shaming and self-loathing among women is all too common place however; we all have the ornate ability to change our reality.

“All it takes is the ability to admit it..”

The ability to stop, surrender to the struggle and seek a little a help from those in the know; as the harsh reality of it all (whether we like it or loathe it) is that our actions dictate our reality.

On that note, if body-shaming or self-loathing consumes your thoughts daily, take a moment to write down five things you’re thankful for and can appreciate about your physical body.

It may be something as simple as the ability to walk, carry or hold your children in your arms..

It’s time to turn self-loathing into self-appreciation.

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