“Yin Yoga combined with meditation is one of the most profound ways to connect to your inner spiritual wisdom; unleashing insightful healing powers that can often awaken a deeper sense of self.”


Aside from the many physical benefits, Yin Yoga can also produce some of the most powerful emotional and spiritual healing for all willing participants.  I say ‘willing’ as anyone can follow a yoga sequence and receive the physical benefits, but to truly connect to one’s higher self (their soul) and receive deep healing, one must be open and willing to let go, release and receive.

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

Yin Yoga helps with the releasing of deeply held emotions and it’s not uncommon for one to become very emotional during or after a Yin Yoga class.

The emotions may be positive or negative, igniting extreme joy and love or sometimes inciting deep sorrow. It is at this moment, in the safety of your surrounds that deeply held emotions are often released.  And trust me, it can be one of the most powerful healing and nurturing moments you may ever experience.

The more you practice Yin Yoga the more you will learn to connect within, harnessing your divine spiritual wisdom.

I have personally had many healing moments whilst practicing yoga and meditation, but the most profound was shortly after the passing of my beloved mother, Santarita Therese Kollosche in November 2008.   Her passing from breast cancer occurred only 8 short years after my father’s passing from bowel cancer and was one of the most gut-wrenching periods of my life.

You see, when a loved one is ill and facing a harrowing recovery or uncertain death, the process from the moment they are diagnosed through to their ultimate demise can occur over a period of 6 – 24 months depending on their circumstances.  As a fairly helpless onlooker, you simply live and breathe their illness praying and seeking answers from doctors, online medical research, journals and other resources hoping for  some miraculous intervention.   However; watching my mother wither away and succumb to a painful and horrendous death changed me forever.

My father’s death was just as harrowing however; I was unfortunately very unwell at this time and in need of some further medical treatment of my own.


My mother’s passing occurred exactly one month before Christmas 2008 when most of the world was celebrating and enjoying the festive season with their loved ones.

That time was truly a blur and my siblings and I did the best we could to honour both our mother and father as they were finally reunited in another universal dimension.

In early January of 2009 I temporarily escaped my reality, checking into the beautiful Gaia Health Retreat located in Byron Bay, Australia.   I spent the first few days of my 7 day retreat either sleeping or receiving nurturing spa treatments and filling my deprived body with nourishing wholesome food.

Gaia’s resident Naturopath performed a live blood analysis test on me which revealed poor gut health (including leaky gut syndrome), chronic inflammation and various other ailments.   It wasn’t one of my finest hours.  The copious amounts of alcohol and coffee that governed my life in the months leading up to (and shortly thereafter) my mother’s passing were the prime contributors to my poor health at this time.

Thankfully, my ailments were all rectifiable over time.

To provide a little more understanding of what is to follow, I must share with you a small piece of me.. of my past.  I have always had a spiritual ‘thing’, a psychic ‘thing’ and a deep sensitivity to the energies and elements around me.    I have since discovered that I am an Empath and have learned to embrace all that I am, using this gift as my power and strength, choosing love over fear to guide my path.

Prior to understanding these aspects of myself, I was very unwell.  I spent many years iphone-2012-337battling each day with both anorexia and bulimia which threatened to take my life on numerous occasions.  My family were at a loss and the numerous hospital stays (totaling over 9 months as an ‘inpatient’) and the ongoing treatment and therapy I received finally saved me.  This period of time lasted many years, with moments of relapse always lingering in the background.

At the time of my father’s death my weight fluctuated from 38 to 45 kilograms causing my loved ones much distress, frustration, anger and heartache.  I was undoubtedly very unwell.

My mother always worried about me, but upon her final days, I assured her I was okay and would make her proud. Read more here

Back to Gaia  and my progressive healing:

On the 5th day of my healing and restorative experience at Gaia, I took part in an early morning 90 minute Yin Yoga class.

The studio was set at the highest point of the retreat overlooking the luscious mountains of Byron Bay’s vast green hinterland.

It was the first time I’d practiced Yin Yoga and by the end of the class I found myself feeling deeply relaxed, calm, connected and finally at peace.  As our teacher, a beautiful angelic looking woman with long blond hair closed out the session with a chant and short mediation, I felt an overwhelming burst of white light surround and embrace every part of me.   It was instantaneous and possibly the most beautiful moment I have ever truly experienced.

As the white light drenched my entire being, from the top of my crown chakra all the way through to the base of my body, I heard a voice..  It was so very clear and distinct.  It was my mum..

 “I love you my darling and am so proud of you.”white-light

This moment happened so quickly and as tears flooded my eyes I simply sat crossed legged in a meditative state feeling the warmth and love of my mother’s embrace.

It was truly one of the most unexplainable moments of my life and all I can remember is simply surrendering to her light, her warmth and her loving words.

My tears flowed as I released my pain to her.

I believe this particular healing occurred because I was so open, relaxed and at peace as a result of my yoga practice at this time.

My heart and spirit were awakened to a deeper sense of knowing and the profound healing and connection I felt to my mother ensured that the young woman who entered that retreat was never to return the same.  I was enlightened.

It was the beginning of a journey of true self discovery, deep healing and finally acknowledging and understanding my soul’s truest calling.  The years that proceed this experience have been a continuum of this beautiful journey, allowing me to discover the nature of who I am as a strong feminine woman determined to make an impact on the lives of many as they too discover and connect to their own spiritual wisdom.

As I write this post (Jan 9 2017), I prepare myself for a year of intense yoga training, which as a result will see me teaching and guiding others through a combination of Yin / Yang Yoga sequences, mindful meditations including my favourite Flame Meditation as well as facilitating various elements of physical, emotional and spiritual healing to participants.



Yin Yoga is a practice that asks us to stay with the discomfort of certain poses or asanas, to resist the urge to escape the feeling and pull out of the pose. Yin Yoga asks us to explore the edges of what feels distressing, knowing that we can back away at any time but that we can also test those edges and explore our ability to break free of what feels comfortable and safe.

Yin Yoga asks us to acknowledge the fear, feel into the pain and allow love to override all things.

Yin Yoga asks us to trust our bodies, to trust our minds and connect them as one.  Yin Yoga asks us to slow down and to pay attention.  Yin Yoga asks us to remain present with what is going on within us.

In the same way that we explore our physical edges, we also explore our emotional edges through Yin Yoga.

Yin Yoga asanas work deep within the body, in organs and tissues where we may have stored old emotions. These emotions might manifest as tension and stiffness- even as injuries. Yin Yoga asanas send energy to those areas, making physical and emotional healing possible.

In the same way, if we place our mindful focus on what we feel, we can see the areas in our bodies and lives where we might have numbed ourselves, and we can begin to bring warmth and light to those numbed or blocked areas.


Yin Yoga and Meditation, as with any yoga practice, is empowering because it brings out our own highly knowledgeable inner healer and is often the beginning of discovering a deeper sense of self.

It is important to remember that everyone has a story and that everyone is called to this earth to fulfill an ornate purpose.

Discovering your purpose is just the beginning of the beautiful adventure that lies ahead of you.

Join us and start your yoga journey today at Yoga Shala GC

Namaste –

Santarita 🙂